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【所有訂單不能取消或退款,所有貨品不設更換或退款。All orders cannot be canceled or refunded. No refund or exchange for any product.】 ______________________________________________________ nsew The Wai 分店 香港新界沙田區車公廟路18號 圍方 3樓314號舖 Shop 314, 3/F, The Wai, 18 Che Kung Miu Road, Tai Wai, Hong Kong 2411 6698 11:00 am - 8:30 pm ______________________________________________________ nsew K11 MUSEA 分店 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號 K11 MUSEA B2層 B211號舖 B211, B2/F, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK 24736698 11:00 am - 8:00 pm ______________________________________________________ nsew 深水埗 分店 深水埗黃金商場地面 16號舖 Shop 16, G/F, Golden Shopping Center, 146-152 Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, HK 2915 6698 11:30 am - 8:00 pm ______________________________________________________ 香港本地郵寄方式: (1) 順豐快遞(直到府上 / 智能櫃) – 到付: 逢星期一至六下午4:30前下單,即日發貨。星期日及公眾假期則不發貨。在正常情況下,7個工作天內便會收到。(離島及其他遍遠地區有可能有額外收費,詳情請查閱順豐快遞網站。) (2) nsew K11 Musea 分店領取 – 免費 : 下單即日或翌日便可到門市領取,請先致電店內查詢。 客人必須於「商品發售日」起計2星期內到nsew K11 Musea 分店領貨。逾期領取將作廢處理,不作任何退款或更換。 Local Delivery within Hong Kong: (1) SF Express (Address / SF Locker) — Paid by receiver: Order placed by 4:30 pm on Monday – Saturday will be shipped on the same day (if there is stock). No delivery will be made on Sunday or holidays. Normally, it will take around 1-4 working days to receive the package (Remote area might incur additional fee. Please refer to SF Express for more information). (2) K11 Musea Pick up — Free: Order can be picked up on same day or the next day in K11 Musea store. Please call to confirm the order prior to visiting. Customer can pick up the goods after receiving the "Confirmation Email”. Administration fee will be charged upon every changes to the order. Order must be collected within 2weeks after the launch date of the product, otherwise the order will be voided and will not have any refund or replacement of any product. ______________________________________________________ 訂單由客人成功付款後即視作完成下單,而非收到系統發出的電郵起計算,建議客人完成購買後截圖記錄訂單。 nsew只接受香港境內地址的訂單 及 不會將產品遞送至香港以外的地址。 對所有香港以外送貨地址的訂單,nsew會在扣除總額15%的取消費用後退回款項。 如客人下單後,想對訂單作出任何更改,包括但不限於更改送貨地址、更改自取/送貨選項、更改訂單產品等,nsew將在可能情况下為客人作出更改,而每項更改nsew將收取港幣$20之行政費。 如有任何爭議,NSEW Creation Limited保留最終決定權。 Orders will be regarded as successfully placed to nsew once customer finished payment of the order, regardless if the "order" related email is sent to customer, customers are suggested to screen cap once the order is placed. nsew only accepts orders from billing and shipping addresses within Hong Kong. nsew will not ship products to an address outside Hong Kong. We will make the refund for all orders of shipping address outside Hong Kong, after deducting a 15% cancellation fee of the total amount. For all changes to the order, subject to availability, including but not limited to any change in delivery address, pickup/delivery arrangement, products in the order, etc, a HK$20 administration fee will be charged upon every changes. NSEW Creation Limited reserves its full and final rights in this offer in case of any disputes. ______________________________________________________ 特典非瑕疵範圍說明,以下情況非瑕疵範圍﹐均不接受退換: - 商品會因顯示器顯色而有些微色差,商品皆以實物顏色為準。 - 加工或印刷產品難免存在小雜質、滴油或印刷不均、溢油的問題,均屬非瑕疵範圍。 - 因運送過程會有重疊擺放,而有摩擦,有機會導致商品產生包含但不限於細小刮痕、小凹凸點、微掉漆等,均屬非瑕疵範圍 。 - 因運送過程會有天氣、氣溫或濕度等變化,有機會導致商品產生包含但不限於例如輕微發霉或發漲等,均屬非瑕疵範圍。 - 部份特典由官方或其他遊戲廠商提供,此類特典的瑕疵均非本公司負責。 ______________________________________________________ 以上中英文內容如有任何歧義或不一致,槪以中文版本為準。 For any discrepancy or inconsistency between above Chinese & English content, the Chinese version shall prevail.